Uuden-Seelannin junamatkat

Wellington and New Zealand by train

A few weeks ago, we had the chance to visit Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, and the vineyards of Martinborough.

In Wellington, we began our day by taking a cable car up to the village of Kelburn. The short ride up the lush green hill provides breathtaking views of the city and Wellington Harbour. Upon reaching Kelburn, you can visit the cable car museum, which offers free admission and tells the history of the cable car, which is 115 years old. You can also enjoy a leisurely stroll in the Wellington Botanic Gardens. Additionally, there is a café that provides stunning views over the city.

Our journey took us to Zealandia, a paradise for nature lovers. This eco-destination is home to some of the rarest birds, reptiles, and insects found in New Zealand, all living in their natural habitat in the Sanctuary Valley. The best way to explore this natural wonder is through a guided tour, where professional guides can enlighten you about the local fauna and flora.

Wellington, Zealandia, New Zealand

I highly recommend visiting the Te Papa National Museum during your trip. In my opinion, it is one of the best museums in the world where you can learn about New Zealand’s history, fauna, nature, art, and Māori culture. The museum offers free admission, and I suggest taking a guided one-hour tour to get a good overview of everything it has to offer. However, keep in mind that the museum is quite large, so make sure to allow at least half a day to fully explore and appreciate its exhibits.

Te Papa National Museum, New Zealand

We went on a full-day excursion outside Wellington with a small group. The tour began with a picturesque drive through the mountains, where we paused for a brief hike in the rainforest. We indulged in wine tasting in Wairarapa and also had lunch there. In the afternoon, we travelled along the coast towards the southernmost tip of North Island, where we encountered a local seal colony and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery at the lighthouse. Before returning to Wellington, we had dinner together. It was a fantastic day out and highly recommended!

During my trip, I had the opportunity to take the train from Wellington to Auckland. The train had comfortable seats, large picture windows, and a café. The breathtaking views of New Zealand’s scenery could be seen while traveling across the country by train. The Pacific beaches, majestic mountains, fjords, wineries, and volcanoes were some of the scenic attractions that could be easily enjoyed while on the train.

We are pleased to offer a 14-day train package that starts in Queenstown, which is known as the adventure capital of the world. During the package, you will get to witness the beauty of the fjords of the south, followed by a flight to Christchurch, where the train journey itself begins. Additionally, the package includes a short ferry ride through some of the world’s most beautiful scenery to Wellington. After exploring the capital, you will get to witness more volcanoes and finally make your way to Auckland.

Author: Asko Meriläinen, Project Matka
Photos: Project Matka