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When you want a true paradise for your holiday, head to the stunning islands of Fiji. There you can enjoy the laid-back Fijian culture, meet the locals, snorkel the coral, walk in the rainforest, sail, golf – or just spend time on the beach.

The island nation of Fiji consists of 333 islands, but only about 100 of them are inhabited. The islands have a total population of around 880 000 people from many different cultures.

With temperatures ranging between 24 and 36 degrees Celsius from December to February and between 21 and 26 degrees Celsius from June to August, a trip to Fiji is perfect for warm-weather travellers. Tropical sea water temperatures remain a comfortable 26-30 degrees all year round.

Many holiday islands specialise in honeymoons, so Fiji is a great destination for honeymooners. Fiji is also a good place to visit when travelling to Australia or New Zealand. Fiji has holiday islands for the whole family and for adults only.

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Fiji is suitable for a wide range of travellers

Viti Levu is Fiji’s largest island and the country’s administrative and economic centre, and is also home to the international airport. Fiji’s capital, Suva, is located on Viti Levu and is the largest city on the islands and the political centre of the country.

To the west of the island is the town of Nadi, known for its resorts such as Denarau Island. Nadi and Denarau Island are the most popular destinations near the international airport, making them ideal as the first destinations on a trip to Fiji. Nadi is also where you’ll find the best shopping in Fiji.

The island of Viti Levu has a diverse natural environment, ranging from tropical rainforests to mountain ranges. The island also has a diver’s dream destination, the Coral Coast, where you can admire beautiful corals.

The Mamanuca Islands are a short boat or plane ride from Nadi, and offer some stunning resorts. These islands are renowned for their stunning beaches, turquoise waters and varied diving and snorkelling opportunities.

If you want to travel beyond the tourist hotspots and explore local, traditional villages, you can head to islands in the Suncoast or Yasawa groups, for example. There you can enjoy walks in stunning tropical landscapes or even take part in traditional Fijian cultural events.


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A trip to Fiji for nature lovers

Fiji is known the world over for its tropical climate and unique nature. The islands also offer numerous diving opportunities, and diving gives you access to everything from coral to beautifully coloured fish. This makes Fiji a great destination for nature lovers and divers alike.

Visitors to Fiji are also guaranteed to be amazed by the unique wildlife, with sea turtles nesting on the beaches of the tranquil Yasawa Islands, for example. Birdwatching is also an interesting and popular pastime in Fiji, as many birds inhabit only certain islands, despite their ability to fly.

Fiji has a tropical maritime climate and the islands do not experience any real rainy seasons. On average, the islands experience 16 rainy days per month, and the rainfall is usually warm and tropical.

Getting around in Fiji

The best way to get around Fiji is by bus, and public transport works well, especially in the cities. Taxis are also easy to get to your destination, and their prices are low.

Car rental is popular in Fiji, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the country’s traffic culture is very different.

Ferries are the most common means of transport between the islands.


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