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Australia and New Zealand – a trip to luxury paradise

Luxury Travel means different things for different people. Luxury could be staying in a premium hotel, sailing on a boutique cruise liner, travelling on a luxury train, flying with a helicopter or seaplane, stargazing, yoga at the beach or just visiting unique places.

Australia and New Zealand offers all that and much more. Both countries have a great selection of high-end lodges, hotels and resorts. But also unique stays – as an example, stay in a treehouse, underwater or underground hotels, or why not go “glamping” under the stars?

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Glamping, New Zealand

Great Barrier Reef from the sky or maybe glamping?

A tour of Australia often means lots of travel due the size of the country. So why not travel in style when possible – see the Australian outback and travel on premium trains like The Ghan or The Indian Pacific; or fly by seaplane to your island retreat on the Great Barrier Reef? Or perhaps flight with a private plane to your remote glamping experience?

In New Zealand, hire a yacht for a day, fly with a helicopter to see the glaciers or go skiing to the top of the mountain with a ski plane.

Luxury destinations, luxury food

Australia and New Zealand are fantastic destinations for food lovers. You can enjoy a degustation dinner under the stars in the desert, or a dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour. Or dine at a premium restaurant on Auckland’s waterfront. Some of the country’s best restaurants are located away from the main cities. Local hospitality and quality is superb wherever you go.

For us, luxury is a feeling that you will remember for a long time. Luxury is good food, meeting new people, learning something new and, above all, hospitality so you can just enjoy your holiday.

Luxury food
Luxury travel

Once-in-a-lifetime experience

As Australia and New Zealand are located far away for many, it’s often a once-in-a-lifetime, dream holiday destination. Therefore, our recommendation is to include as much as possible for your itinerary, but also give yourself time to relax.

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