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Planning a trip to far-flung Australia? Sydney is a good choice as your first destination in Australia, packed with impressive sights and beautiful beaches that are guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience. You could start by exploring the culture at Sydney’s Opera House and The Rocks, then head to the famous Bondi Beach for some relaxation – the possibilities are endless.

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The Rocks, Sydney, Australia

The Rocks tells the story of Sydney

The Rocks area is the oldest area of Sydney, where European settlers first landed in 1788. From there, the history of Sydney and Australia as we know it today began.

The Rocks area is home to souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and hotels. The area also hosts atmospheric outdoor markets on Friday evenings and weekends. The market is where the streets come alive with local crafts and street food, and where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sydney’s stunning harbour and older streets.

If your trip falls around the turn of the year, you’ll want to add the New Year’s Eve celebrations at The Rocks to your list of Sydney attractions to visit.

You can also take a guided walking tour to learn more about the history of The Rocks. We recommend The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour, where you’ll discover the authentic past of Sydney’s waterfront Aboriginal communities and their deep connection to nearby waterways and coastal areas. You’ll also have the chance to experience modern Aboriginal culture in the vibrant heart of Sydney.

Sydney Opera House for the culture lover

Sydney’s Opera House is one of the most famous buildings in the world, and seeing it is on the bucket list of most travellers. When you visit, you should also be prepared for the crowds – around eight million people visit the Opera House every year.

The Opera House was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon and completed in 1973. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In terms of its uses, the Opera House could be described more as a multi-purpose building, as it serves as a meeting place for many other artistic disciplines. Indeed, it is one of the world’s busiest art venues, hosting thousands of performances every year.

Guided tours of the Opera House give participants an in-depth look at the building, right down to the back rooms. In addition to culture, the Opera House offers a variety of bars and restaurants.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge is a great experience both at ground level and at altitude

When the Sydney Harbour Bridge was completed in 1932, it was the tallest structure in the city. At its highest point, the arch of the bridge is up to 139 metres above sea level. The bridge is over a kilometre long and spans Port Jackson Bay. It’s an impressive sight – and definitely worth seeing.

Along with the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge has become one of Sydney’s most famous attractions. It’s also worth a visit at dusk, when the lights illuminate the sea beautifully.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge can also be admired from the ground, but if you want to get the most out of your visit, you can take a guided tour to the top of the bridge. Although guided climbs use appropriate safety harnesses, this experience may not be suitable for those who are afraid of heights.

Soak up the sun and try surfing at Bondi Beach

Sydney’s beaches are also world-famous, and most are just a short distance from the city centre. Bondi Beach, is known around the world and was the location for the filming of the “Bondi Rescue” TV series. Bondi Beach is easily accessible by bus from Sydney’s city centre. You can also take a train from Sydney to Bondi Junction, where you can catch a bus to the beach.

Have you always wanted to try surfing? It’s easy to learn in the waves at Bondi Beach, where there are regular group and private surfing lessons for beginners. But if you want to relax on the beach, you can do that too: sunbathe on the sand or enjoy a drink of your choice in the Bondi beach cafés.

There are also other beautiful beaches near Bondi, such as Tamarama, Bronte and Coogee. It’s a good idea to take a walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee, as you can see the beautiful coastline and beaches. Along the way, it’s also handy to stop for a rest in a cosy café or to cool off with a swim.

We also recommend a visit to Manly beach and village on Sydney’s north shore. You can easily take the ferry from Circular Quay, while enjoying views of the city, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia

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