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Vanuatu is known for its friendly people, stunning scenery, rich culture and traditions and colourful underwater world. It’s convenient to travel there as part of a trip to Australia or New Zealand, as the flight from the east coast of Australia or New Zealand to Port Vila, Vanuatu’s capital, takes just a few hours.

The island nation of Vanuatu consists of 83 islands, of which the main island of Efate, the largest island Espiritu Santo and the volcanic island of Tanna are the most popular destinations. Vanuatu’s tropical climate favours visits all year round. The wetter season lasts from November to April, when the average temperature is around 29 degrees Celsius. The cooler and drier season is between May and October, when temperatures remain around 26 degrees Celsius.

There is something for families, couples and solo travellers alike. You can choose to spend a relaxed holiday enjoying the facilities, stay active throughout your trip or create your own package combining relaxation and activities. Vanuatu has a wide range of activities on offer, including diving, snorkelling, hiking, volcano tours, horse riding, water skiing, waterfall visits, SUPs and canoeing.

Above all, Vanuatu is a great place to rest and recharge your batteries. You can relax by the pool, enjoy day spa treatments, picnic on the white sandy beaches and take a dip in one of the many clear swimming holes in the forest.

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Port Vila, Vanuatu

Vanuatu’s biggest cities offer nightlife and culture

Port Vila, Vanuatu’s capital, is a good place to explore the culture of the island nation, where colonial cultural influences are clearly visible in the city’s streetscape, museums, cafés and restaurants.

Port Vila is one of Vanuatu’s liveliest destinations and also offers tourists plenty to do in the evening, with a wide range of nightclubs and casinos.

For a city break, Vanuatu visitors should also head to Luganville on the island of Espiritu Santo. There you can learn about Vanuatu’s traditional way of life on a cultural tour, and there are several markets where you can buy local handicrafts.

Favourite journeys

Vanuatu’s islands offer great nature experiences

Vanuatu and its coral reefs are some of the most popular and admired snorkelling and diving destinations in the world, and rightly so: the archipelago’s waters offer tourists the chance to see dolphins, whales and turtles. Off the coast of Espiritu Santo, keen divers can explore the wreck of the President Coolidge. Vanuatu also has plenty of stunning beaches where tourists can soak up the sun.

© Vanuatu Tourism Office
© Vanuatu Tourism Office

Vanuatu’s islands are covered in beautiful green rainforests, making them a great destination for nature tourists. There are also national parks, and a trip to Vanuatu will take you to Espiritu Santo’s Million Dollar Point National Park, for example.

If you want to take a walk off the beach during your trip to Vanuatu, you should explore Mount Yasur volcano and its surroundings on the island of Tanna. The active volcano is a spectacular sight at 361m and is an easy climb for even the most inexperienced hikers. If you want to see the volcano from above, there are also exciting helicopter flights over the volcano.

Getting around Vanuatu

The most convenient way to get around Vanuatu’s cities is by bus or taxi. Cars can also be hired in most major cities.

The most common way to travel between islands is by air, with flights from Espiritu Santo’s Pekoa airport, for example, flying to the northern islands, while flights from Tanna’s Whitegrass airport fly to the southern islands. There are also boat trips between the islands. Vanuatu’s main ports are in the capital Port Vila and in Luganville on Espiritu Santo Island.

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