Frequently asked questions

By a personalised trip, we mean a travel programme and experience designed just for you. You don’t travel with a group, but independently, and you have the freedom to decide what you want to see and experience and when.

We take care of all the planning and reservations for your trip. The package may include accommodation, airport transfers, day trips, some meals, flights and other experiences.

We update your itinerary before your trip so it’s easy for you to follow and just relax and enjoy your holiday. We’ll also send you an info pack, as well as information about the destinations you’ll be visiting.

Planning is free. We do not charge for discussions or itinerary planning. You only commit to our terms and conditions when you accept the offer, after which we will confirm the programme. Once all bookings have been confirmed with our service providers, we will send you an invoice for the deposit. The final invoice is due 60 days before your trip.

The first step is to discuss the details with you either by phone, in an online meeting or by email. We will then start planning the programme based on your interests and make you an offer. It’s then at your discretion to accept or decline our offer.

The price is based on the length of your trip, availability, number of people and the category of hotel you wish to stay in. So it’s easiest to make an offer that suits you. We will also take into account any budget you have set aside for your trip.

Nowadays, it’s easy to book your own trips online. However, it is worth bearing in mind why it is still best to book with a reliable tour operator.

As tour operators, we always keep abreast of current restrictions and regulations, both at your destination and around the world. We will inform you immediately if any restrictions affect your trip.

We know the destinations and the culture. We are locals and visit the destinations ourselves regularly. We follow tourism news daily, both from the destination and worldwide. We are certified destination experts and are always learning new things through our service partners and local tourism authorities.

As a tour operator, our job is to ensure your trip goes as planned. If, for any reason, a provider cancels your booking, we will arrange a replacement service where possible or seek a refund.

If you cannot travel at the planned time, for example, due to a pandemic or natural disaster, we will try to reschedule your trip at the lowest possible cost.

You can contact us 24 hours a day when you are travelling. If something happens on your trip, we are here to make the necessary changes to your programme.

And above all: you will be served by a real person. We are here for you, 24/7.

Generally, a travel package includes accommodation, airport transfers, day trips, some meals, flights and other possible activities.

The package does not include flights to Australia or New Zealand, but we can help with flight searches and schedules.

In general, Australia and New Zealand are year-round destinations.

However, it is good to take into account the time of travel as well as the destinations. In Australia, most of the country has 4 seasons, while the north has either a dry or rainy season.

For example, the best time to travel to the Great Barrier Reef is during the dry season, from May to October. And for Uluru, I recommend avoiding the hottest part of mid-summer.

New Zealand offers all four seasons, from crisp spring days to long bright summer evenings and dark winter nights.

The seasons are the exact opposite of the Northern Hemisphere, so while it’s winter at home for you, Australia and New Zealand are in summer.

We recommend using a local travel agent to book flights. If your flights are changed or cancelled for any reason, the travel agent will liaise with the airline and help find the best solution.

You can also book your flights online yourself, in which case we can help look up the best flight routing for you. However, please note that in the event of a cancellation or delay, you will need to contact the airline yourself.

We strongly recommend taking out travel travel insurance, which also covers medical treatment, at the time of making your booking.

Currencies fluctuate a lot and it depends where you call home. Generally prices in Australia and New Zealand are comparable to other western countries.

You might find that some products such as alcohol and other luxury goods are slightly cheaper, but others (eg. cigarettes) are much more expensive. When looking at the cost of food, it is good to consider the level of the restaurant, as there is a wide range of prices between restaurants and tipping isn;t customary in Australia or New Zealand.

In times of climate change, the importance of sustainable tourism is an important and topical issue. Our environment is changing, and Australia’s nature in particular has experienced many changes in recent times.

This is why the well-being of the environment, nature, people and culture is very important to Project Matka. We want to ensure that future generations can also enjoy the experiences that tourism and nature offer.

Our aim is to design travel programmes that have a positive impact on the local population, on nature and, above all, on your own travels. We support local service providers and products by using partners who care about this too.

When planning trips, we always minimise back-tracking and use hotels and service providers with well-designed sustainability plans and implementation. Whenever possible, we also use Ecotourism certified operators.

We also use accommodation options with a low environmental impact. Our accommodation providers take environmental sustainability into account in their operations, without compromising on quality and comfort.

Travelling by train is also a good alternative to flying, and we can also offer this if only train travel suits your itinerary.

Australia and New Zealand have a high culture of sustainability and environmental protection and therefore strict legislation.

Project Matka always complies with legislation and regulations and provides you with an environmentally safe and meaningful journey.

In the spirit of reconciliation Project Matka acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.