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Australia and New Zealand are dream honeymoon destinations, with stunning scenery and a wealth of opportunities. You can have a memorable honeymoon by staying on a small tropical island or in a luxury tent in the desert, relaxing in a spa, dining in five-star restaurants in big cities or experiencing stunning scenery and nature in the wilderness and volcanoes.

We’ll design an all-inclusive honeymoon package to suit you, combining city breaks and exciting activities with a romantically relaxing tropical holiday. Ask us for more information and we’ll design a honeymoon to Australia or New Zealand that’s just right for you.

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Australia gives honeymooners its best

Australia has a number of stunning coastal towns and islands that offer a romantic setting for your honeymoon. You can explore places like the Queensland tropics and the Whitsunday Islands, where white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters create magical conditions for relaxation.

Queensland offers great experiences for honeymooners who love diving, as the Great Barrier Reef is located close to its coast. You can stay in luxury accommodation while experiencing the diversity of the underwater world and discovering the daily life of charming tropical towns.

Honeymooners to Australia should also explore its many world-famous wine regions, such as the Barossa Valley in South Australia and the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. In these regions, you can enjoy winery tours and delicious meals, and relax in comfortable accommodation.

Whitsunday, Queensland, Australia
Uluru, Australia

In Australia, you can also experience a unique honeymoon in the middle of the desert, near the world-famous Uluru Sandstone Monolith. Sunsets, sunrises and starry skies next to this iconic sight offer romantic and unforgettable moments, and there are also a range of accommodation options in the area, from luxury camping to high-end hotels.

Australia’s major cities also offer great experiences for honeymooners, and Sydney, for example, has a wealth of interesting things to do. You can explore the city by admiring the famous Opera House, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge or relaxing on the famous beaches, then stop for dinner at excellent restaurants and spend the evening exploring Sydney’s diverse cultural offerings.

New Zealand as a honeymoon destination

The town of Rotorua on the North Island is famous for its geothermal springs and Maori culture. It’s a great honeymoon destination, where you can relax in the hot springs, watch traditional Maori dance performances and learn about their unique culture.

Queenstown on New Zealand’s South Island is known for its stunning alpine scenery, crystal clear lakes and many adventure activities, making it the perfect destination for an active honeymoon. Here you can enjoy time together skiing, skydiving or enjoying romantic boat trips.

Roturua, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand

If you’re hoping to add the bustle of New Zealand’s big city to your honeymoon, a visit to Auckland is well worth including in your itinerary. In Auckland, you could have a romantic dinner at the Sky Tower restaurant, where you can enjoy a stunning view of the city. At the Sky Tower, you can also try a daring bungee jump or take in the views from its observation deck.

Waiheke Island, near Auckland, offers a relaxing honeymoon setting with vineyards, sandy beaches and beautiful scenery. You can spend time exploring the island and tasting local wines, while enjoying each other’s company.

Take your honeymoon to the Pacific Islands too

The Pacific islands offer a holiday destination to suit all tastes, and you can also choose the perfect honeymoon destination to suit your interests. If you are interested in a honeymoon in both the Pacific Islands and Australia or New Zealand, they can often be combined. Ask us for more information and we can help you plan your dream honeymoon.


Fiji, for example, is known as an excellent honeymoon destination, with many of its islands offering tourists private sandy beaches, turquoise waters, a variety of activities and luxury accommodation. With a huge number of islands, you can choose the one that best suits your preferences.

A trip to New Caledonia is particularly easy to combine with a New Zealand or Australian honeymoon, as the flight takes just 2.5 hours. The islands of New Caledonia are a quieter option than, for example, Fiji, as they are not as widely known to tourists. In New Caledonia, honeymooners will not only enjoy beautiful beaches but also rare wildlife found nowhere else in the world.

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