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Explore untouched Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, or PNG, is one of the world’s most impressive destinations. Its remote location makes it unique, where travellers can enjoy beautiful, secluded beaches, colourful birdlife, crystal clear diving spots and spectacular cultural festivals.

During local cultural festivals, Papua New Guinea tours are at their most popular. Trips to festivals often fill up quickly due to limited accommodation options. In order to ensure that our clients have access to cultural festivals, we have partnered with agencies that organise tours to these special events. The main event of the cultural festivals takes place in November each year, but there are also cultural performances at other times of the year.

Papua New Guinea also offers many other activities for visitors, such as fishing trips and trekking.

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Papua New Guinea

Discover the tranquillity of Papua New Guinea

If you want to avoid the popular tourist spots and explore the Pacific islands in delightfully remote surroundings, Papua New Guinea is the perfect destination for you, as three quarters of the islands are rainforest. Papua New Guinea consists of the eastern part of the island of New Guinea and around 600 smaller islands. Most of its population are indigenous people.

When travelling in Papua New Guinea, accommodation options are generally very basic, with most accommodation in local guesthouses. Meals are included and your guide will stay with you during your stay.

In PNG you can go on excursions in the rainforest

As the islands are still sparsely populated, their unspoilt nature is sure to be a unique experience for any Papua New Guinean traveller. You’ll get to travel into the jungle and national parks with a local guide, and see beautifully coloured birds and other amazing wildlife. Tours are usually organised in small groups and are limited due to the number of accommodation options available.

PNG’s unique nature makes birdwatching a popular activity, and tourists are guaranteed to see species they would find hard to imagine. Thanks to the tropical climate, travellers to Papua New Guinea also have excellent opportunities for scuba diving, snorkelling, and other Pacific island experiences.

Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea

Getting around Papua New Guinea

Many places can only be reached by air, as the country’s infrastructure is rather underdeveloped. Sightseeing is easiest with a guide.

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