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A trip to New Zealand is perfect for both active holidays and relaxation

New Zealand’s stunning scenery, beaches, nature and culture make it a great destination. You can travel from the sandy beaches of the north to the Alps of the south and see amazing natural attractions from hot springs to volcanoes. New Zealand is also famous for its many activities, and it’s where you’ll find Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world. You can also spend a relaxing holiday enjoying good food and some of New Zealand’s world-famous wines. 

There are many ways to experience New Zealand, and to make the most of your experience, it’s worth planning your trip carefully from start to finish. We have a long history of living in and organising trips to New Zealand, so we know the destinations and culture like the back of our hands, and we are constantly learning more through our service partners. That’s why we’re happy to help you plan a trip that suits you.

We’re in the same hemisphere as your destination and you can contact us around the clock if you need our help during your holiday. We will make sure that your dream New Zealand trip comes true as planned. Let us know what your dream trip would be like and we can continue planning it together.

New Zealand’s administration and population

The British influence is still widely felt in New Zealand, a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy that is part of the British Commonwealth. The official ruler of the state is the King of the United Kingdom, Charles III, but in practice the Prime Minister runs the country.

New Zealand consists of two main islands, cunningly called the South Island and the North Island, with lots of smaller islands. The North Island is home to the majority of the country’s population and is also home to the country’s largest cities, Auckland and the capital, Wellington.

If you’re travelling to New Zealand, it’s worth remembering that Europeans only arrived in the country in the late 1700s, and until then the island nation was ruled by the Maori people. A trip to New Zealand gives you the opportunity to gain an insight into Maori culture.

Map of New Zealand
Hobitton, Rotorua, New Zealand

New Zealand’s nature is an attraction in itself

Many people know New Zealand for its lush landscapes, and the world has become familiar with them through films such as the Lord of the Rings saga. The forests familiar from the films can be explored by tourists on the North Island.

In the South Island, forests are made up of deciduous trees in temperate areas, but they do not necessarily shed their leaves. New Zealand’s vegetation is very diverse, with more than 100 different tree species in a single forest area. There are also white sandy beaches on the North Island where you might spot dolphins.

Rugged mountain ranges and the North Island

Rugged mountain ranges are also an integral part of New Zealand’s landscape: the South Island offers snow-capped mountains, while the active volcanoes and hot springs of the North Island are impressive natural attractions.

On the North Island, you’ll also see crystal clear rivers and blooming countryside with vineyards. The nature of the Rotorua region, with its hot springs and geysers, and the Bay of Islands offer great experiences.

Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, New Zealand

Favourite journeys

New Zealand’s cities offer experiences

A car is a handy way to get around New Zealand, as the roads are in good condition and it’s easy to see the scenery from your car.


Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, has many charming destinations, including Waiheke Island, also known as “Wine Island”. Whether you’re looking for world-class shopping, excellent dining or beautiful views of harbours, islands or black-sand beaches, Auckland has it all.


Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, is a charming city at the southern end of the North Island. Here you can explore the city on foot, visit interesting museums and galleries and the interactive Te Papa National Museum. If you want to see the city’s stunning views from high above, try the iconic cable car.

Wellington, New Zealand
Lake Taupō, Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua and Queenstown

Surrounded by mountains, rivers, forests and 18 freshwater lakes, picturesque Rotorua is an ideal destination for nature lovers. It is a mecca for mountain biking, with a wealth of world-class trails for this purpose. It’s also worth exploring the area for its wildlife and breathtaking scenery, whether it’s walking, horse riding or swimming. Queenstown is also ideal for outdoor activities, with skiing, bungee jumping, skydiving, horse riding and much more.

A trip to New Zealand for the active holidaymaker

The best way to enjoy New Zealand’s nature is on foot or by bike, and there are a variety of hiking and cycling trails to choose from, either on your own or with a guide. Adrenaline-seekers can try bungee jumping in a variety of landscapes, from the Auckland Harbour Bridge to the Mokai Gravity Canyon.

New Zealand is also a great place for scuba divers, with the clear waters of the Poor Knights Islands, for example. You can see the amazing flora and fauna below the surface. You can also enjoy the waters above the surface, with rafting, for example, a popular activity for New Zealand visitors.

Mountain biking

Consider the date when planning a trip to New Zealand

As New Zealand is located south of the equator, the seasons are reversed compared to the northern hemisphere. Mid-summer falls in January, which is why many people plan their New Zealand trip in the middle of the northern hemisphere winter.

New Zealand destinations

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