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Take the trip of your dreams to New Caledonia. You can easily combine it with your holiday in Australia or New Zealand, as New Caledonia is the closest Pacific island group to Australia or New Zealand: the flight is just 2.5 hours.

The archipelago is also one of the most peaceful in the Pacific, with far fewer tourists visiting New Caledonia than, for example, the nearby islands of Fiji. This makes it an ideal destination for rest and relaxation.

The territory of New Caledonia consists of several islands: the Grande Terre, the Isle of Pines, the Loyalty Islands and the smaller Bélep Islands. The region belongs to France, and in the capital Nouméa you can learn about French colonial history.

A trip to New Caledonia can be made at any time of year, with temperatures ranging between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius and sea water temperatures between 22 and 30 degrees Celsius. From April to October, the island enjoys a drier and pleasantly warm season, while from November to March it is wetter and hotter.

New Caledonia is also one of the best places to discover wildlife and nature, as the archipelago is home to many species found nowhere else. It is also home to the world’s second largest coral reef after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and New Caledonia’s archipelago is surrounded by the world’s largest lagoon. So the coastal areas offer visitors plenty to see.

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Pine forest, New Caledonia

See the world’s most beautiful lagoons and corals

New Caledonia International Airport is located near the capital Nouméa on the island of Grande Terre. It is a modern city with a wide range of accommodation options and many beautiful beaches. It also offers a comprehensive insight into the history of New Caledonia, and is an ideal first destination in New Caledonia.

The nearby Isle of Pines is known for its beautiful pine forests and crystal clear lagoons. It is a much more unspoilt island than the main island of Grande Terre, and is the place to go when you want to get away from the city.

The Loyalty Islands are a must for snorkelling enthusiasts, with easy access to the coral reef. There’s plenty to see below the surface, too, as the waters are teeming with colourful fish.

It’s worth remembering that in many areas you need a local permit to get around, and if you’re going to explore the island, it’s a good idea to confirm your plan with a map, for example with the hotel staff.

Animals of the sea, New Caledonia

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New Caledonia

Explore the amazing nature of New Caledonia

In New Caledonia, visitors can experience authentic, laid-back Pacific island life. You can spend a lot of time on the beaches, playing petanque, listening to local music and enjoying a picnic lunch. In the beautiful scenery, jogging is also a nice activity.

The beautiful nature and relaxing atmosphere of the Isle of Pines attracts visitors, but it also offers many activities and attractions. For example, the island is worth a visit to explore the oak forest and snorkel in the Kanumera lagoon.

Activities in New Caledonia

For thrill-seekers, New Caledonia offers water sports such as kayaking and windsurfing, and these are great ways to enjoy the islands’ picturesque surroundings.

New Caledonian culture can be discovered through frequent events, where you can experience local dances, songs and other traditional performances.

New Caledonia

Getting around New Caledonia

If you plan to visit several islands on your trip to New Caledonia, it is worth remembering that you usually have to fly from one island to another via the main island.

Getting around New Caledonia is easy with a rental car. On some islands, accommodation providers may also organise excursions to the island’s attractions, so you don’t need your own car. Cycling is also possible on compact islands, but may not be the best option in hot weather.

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