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Experience the impact of wildlife in Dunedin

Dunedin is a charming city on New Zealand’s South Island, offering tourists a wide range of experiences through both nature and history. It is known for its wildlife, making it a great destination for nature lovers. The city also offers beach life, with the stunning beaches of St Kilda and St Clair nearby.

On your trip to Dunedin, you will have a good chance of seeing many rare animals, such as king albatrosses, yellow-eyed penguins and blue penguins. You may also spot New Zealand fur seals and sea lions in the surrounding areas of the city. You can also go on a day trip to see the animals, and explore the wildlife on foot.

In Dunedin, you can also learn about the city’s history in the many museums or admire the city’s architecture. The train station is also a must-see, and is one of the most photographed places in New Zealand.

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Dunedin’s magnificent animals

Dunedin is considered New Zealand’s wildlife capital, and while there, visitors should at least visit the Otago Peninsula, which offers breathtaking scenery and the chance to see the region’s magnificent wildlife.

The Otago Peninsula is home to the world’s only breeding site for the King Albatross. On your trip to Dunedin, a visit to the Royal Albatross Centre is a great experience, as you will get to see these impressive birds up close.

Sea Lion, Dunedin, New Zealand
Yellow-eyed penguins, Dunedin, New Zealand

On the Otago Peninsula you can also take part in nature walks and spot seabirds, seals and even penguins. You’ll see eagles and hawks swooping over the peninsula in search of prey, New Zealand fur seals lounging comfortably on the beach cliffs and rare yellow-eyed penguins waddling on the beach sand.

In the coastal waters of Dunedin, it may be possible to spot a variety of dolphin species. Along the coast, you can also take part in boat trips to locate dolphins using sonar.

History in Dunedin

Dunedin city centre is a historic area where you can explore Victorian and Edwardian architecture. For a comprehensive history of Dunedin, you should also visit the Toitū Otago Settlers Museum or the Olveston Historic Home.

Dunedin railway station is an architectural gem, and exploring it gives you a great insight into the historic atmosphere of the city. You can admire the station’s beautiful architecture and wander around its many shops and cafés.

Dunedin Railway Station, New Zealand
© DunedinNZ
Larnach Castle, Dunedin, New Zealand
© Camilla Rutherford

Larnach Castle, New Zealand’s only castle

Dunedin is also home to New Zealand’s only castle, Larnach Castle. It offers visitors to Dunedin the chance to dive deep into New Zealand’s history. The area around the castle is also worth a visit, as it is set on a beautiful hill and surrounded by flourishing gardens.

Dunedin offers a wide range of things to do

Explore local and international art in Dunedin’s diverse art gallery. With changing exhibitions, a visit to the gallery is guaranteed to be an activity for any culture lover.

If you want to include a more relaxing day in your trip to Dunedin, you can spend it at the Dunedin Botanical Gardens. The garden is full of beautiful plants and provides a peaceful setting for a walk or a picnic. For a picnic lunch, you can take some local delicacies.

Sandfly Bayn uimaranta, Dunedin, Uusi-Seelanti
Baldwin Street, Dunedin, New Zealand

The steepest street in the world

The world’s steepest street, Baldwin Street, is an interesting destination for photography and a bit of walking. For this, you should be equipped with good shoes, as the ascent is very steep. Baldwin Street is located just 3.5 kilometres from the city centre, making it easy and quick to get to.

Dunedin is also a great place to enjoy a beach holiday, as there are many stunning beaches around the city, including St Kilda and St Clair. Here you can simply soak up the sun, surf or take a stroll along the beach.

Day trips from Dunedin

Just a short drive south of Dunedin is Koekohe Beach, where you can see the impressive Moeraki Boulders rock formation. It is made up of large and curiously rounded boulders, making this unique natural formation a popular photographic destination.

A wine lover should visit the Dunrobin vineyards. They are a three-hour drive from Dunedin, making it a great day trip. Several wineries in the region offer visitors the opportunity to taste wines and get a good overview of New Zealand’s wine offerings.

Moeraki Boulders, Dunedin, New Zealand
Nugget Point Lighthouse, Dunedin, New Zealand

Catlins Coastal Landscapes

From Dunedin, you can also take a day trip to the Catlins area, just over an hour’s drive away. Here, the traveller will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of coastal landscapes on the South Island, as Catlins offers spectacular views of its beautiful waterfalls and forests. Catlins also offers views from the observation deck of the famous Nugget Point lighthouse.

Getting around Dunedin

Dunedin has an extensive bus network, with various bus routes providing easy access to the outlying areas of the city. Tickets can be bought on the buses for cash, or in advance at bus stations, for example.

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