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Traditions and beautiful nature in Samoa

A trip to Samoa offers travellers an unforgettable and varied experience, guaranteed to be a unique combination of culture, nature and adventure. Samoa also offers spectacular landscapes of lush jungles, towering volcanoes, white sandy beaches and turquoise sea water. Nature is one of Samoa’s biggest attractions.

Samoa is an island nation consisting of two main islands called Upolu and Savai’i, and several smaller islands. It forms, with American Samoa, the Samoan archipelago, which is part of the Polynesian archipelago.

When travelling to Samoa, it is worth exploring the traditional culture of the island nation, which is strongly present on the islands. For example, you can take part in dance events, listen to local music and learn about local handicraft traditions.

Many villages in Samoa are open to visitors, where they can experience typical daily life and learn more about Samoa’s traditional way of life. Samoans are known for their hospitality and friendliness, and locals often help visitors to find the best spots on the island and offer unforgettable encounters.

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Discover the local way of life in Samoa

Samoa’s capital Apia and both international airports are located on the island of Upolu. In Apia, Samoan travellers will find quality hotels, shopping, interesting restaurants and markets, making it a great place to visit for a city break.

Apia, Samoa
Falealupo Canopy Walk, Samoa

Canopy Walkway and other attractions

On Savai’i, there are many jungle walks to choose from, and the Canopy Walkway at treetop level, for example, is a great experience for anyone travelling in Samoa. On the island’s Tafua Peninsula, you can explore the authentic nature of the archipelago and spot fruit bats in volcanic craters.

Between Upolu and Savai’i lies the tiny island of Manono, where tourists can get a taste of the Samoan way of life. Manono is an ideal place for rest and relaxation, as this serene island offers visitors the chance to explore fishing villages and the works of local artists, as well as swimming, diving and snorkelling.

Enjoy the diversity of Samoa’s beaches

Beaches are one of Samoa’s absolute attractions as a destination, and Lalomanu Beach, for example, is a popular destination for visitors. The waters surrounding Samoa offer great opportunities for diving and snorkelling, with coral reefs, colourful fish and a variety of marine life tempting you to explore the underwater world.

Samoa’s islands are full of natural wonders, including exciting caves, waterfalls and geothermal sites. For example, To Sua Ocean Trench is a magnificent 30-metre deep cave filled with seawater. Visitors can try their hand at swimming there if they wish.


Activities in Samoa

Samoa is also a great place to play golf and go on a variety of walks. There is little rainforest left on the islands, but the archipelago is still lush with a wide variety of wildlife. The islands’ numerous waterfalls are also worth seeing.

There are also many other activities to take part in on Samoa, such as hiking, surfing, kayaking and fishing. The archipelago also offers opportunities for relaxing holidays. For your trip to Samoa, you can choose a destination where you can enjoy sunny beaches and peaceful surroundings.

Getting around in Samoa

In Samoa, the easiest way to get from one place to another is by taxi, as fares are cheap and taxis are plentiful. Buses are also an affordable option. Samoa also has a number of car hire companies, but visitors should be aware that they will need to go to the local police station to obtain a provisional driving licence.

You can travel between the islands by ferry or boat.

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