Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania, Vol. 3 – Stunning East Coast

In June, I had the opportunity to spend a few weeks on Tasmania. During my trip, I explored Hobart and Launceston, Australia’s second and third oldest cities, at my own pace. However, I wanted to experience more of Tasmania’s scenic beauty, so I decided to visit Coles Bay and Freycinet National Park. Unfortunately, the coastal road from Hobart to Coles Bay was closed due to road works, but I’ve heard that it’s a picturesque route along the east coast. After passing through flat farmland, vineyards, and flocks of sheep, we drove up into the mountains and then back down to the coast and Coles Bay.

Coles Bay, Australia

And I was not disappointed! Coles Bay is a small village on the east coast of Tasmania and the gateway to Freycinet National Park. Freycinet offers the best hiking and walking trails in stunning scenery. The most popular walking route is to the Wineglass Bay viewpoint, which is only a 45-minute walk away, not for nothing, as this is Tasmania’s most photographed landscape. Alternatively, you can take a cruise to Wineglass Bay. Day cruises depart from Coles Bay, and there are several options available.

Wineglass Bay, Australia

Freycinet National Park is known for its white sandy beaches, isolated bays and abundant birdlife. It’s hard to get closer to nature than this.

Freycinet National Park, Australia

The journey to Coles Bay takes you past many wineries. Devils Corner and its viewing tower is one of the most famous winery destinations. From here, you can enjoy stunning views of the Freycinet Peninsula and, of course, sample the wines or local oysters.

Freycinet Peninsula, Australia

The optimal way to discover the wonders of the East Coast is by car. It is advisable to avoid driving between sunset and sunrise during the night, as wild animals such as wallabies or Tasmanian devils tend to move around during these hours. However, if you prefer not to drive, we can assist you in arranging transfers, guided tours, or even private flights from destinations like Hobart.

Author and Photos: Asko Meriläinen