Cairns, Australia


Going on a self-drive trip is an excellent way to explore your surroundings compared to a regular holiday trip. You have the freedom to travel exactly where you want to go and stop whenever you want to. In most cases, renting a car is cheaper than booking organized tours or transfers.

Australia and New Zealand are great places to explore by car. They offer stunning scenery, nature, and local culture, and a car is often necessary to reach beautiful destinations.

Australia and New Zealand by car

There are many holiday options to consider depending on the length of your trip and the season you plan to travel. You could opt for a short self-drive holiday, such as a five-day drive from Auckland to Wellington in New Zealand, with stops at Rotorua and Napier. For those with more time, a two-week drive through the South and North Islands is also an option.

In Australia, the best way to see Uluru and Kings Canyon is on a five-day road trip at the Red Centre.

Uluru, Australia

If you have the time, taking a drive along the Pacific coast from Sydney to Cairns can be an unforgettable experience. You can have the opportunity to explore the world’s largest sand island along the way and drive along the famous Great Beach Drive on Fraser Island.

Cairns, Australia

Certainly! If you’re up for it, you can rent a car for a day and take a fun day trip. For instance, if you’re in Melbourne, you could take a day trip to the Great Ocean Road. If you’re in Sydney, you could visit the Blue Mountains, or if you’re in Brisbane, you could head down to the Gold Coast.

New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are countries where left-hand traffic is followed. If you have never driven on the left-hand side of the road before, it is strongly recommended that you practice driving in a car park first. It might feel weird initially, but you will soon find that driving on the left-hand side comes naturally. Most cars come equipped with automatic gearboxes, which makes driving easier. However, manual gearboxes are also available if you prefer them.

We can assist you in arranging your car rental, travel plans, lodging, and potential activities, as well as providing you with information on recommended stops and tourist attractions along your route. However, the choice of when to depart, what to see and where to stop is entirely up to you. It is recommended that you plan to cover a maximum of 300 kilometers per day when planning a self-drive in order to allow ample time for sightseeing or spontaneous detours.

Photo credits: Asko Meriläinen